Since 1960, Auto Beauty Products Company has serviced the automotive reconditioning professional with the most complete line of quality reconditioning products in the industry. We offer a comprehensive and exclusive ABPCO product line of waxes, polishes, compounds, dressings, soaps, cleaners, paints and dyes in addition to all required ancillary products to effectively, safely, and efficiently recondition any vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to equipment (extractor machines, buffers, pressure washers), safety products (gloves, aprons, goggles, OSHA approved bottles), accessories (brushes, towels, chamois), jan/san products (trash liners, paper products, mops/heads), and service chemicals (windshield solvent, brake/parts cleaner, floor soap). Family owned and operated for over 50 years, we understand the value of service in addition to providing great products. With 10 trucks proudly serving North Texas, you can be sure we can always be there for you. Our salesmen are the best in the industry, and are the most experienced professionals compared to any of our competition. Our salesmen, on average, have over 12 years experience in this service-oriented industry. This experience gives Auto Beauty Products Company the capability to provide our customers with efficient service, on-site troubleshooting and training, cost control by reducing product redundancy and inefficient use, and

In addition to high quality reconditioning products, we have an in-house service department dedicated to repairing all types of equipment used in the automotive reconditioning profession. This includes dilution / pump systems, pressure washers, high-speed buffers and orbital buffers. We provide an industry-leading turn around on repairs because we understand the importance of your equipment and what it means to your profitability.

Satisfied customers in auto & RV dealerships, auto auctions, body shops, car washes, detail shops and marinas enthusiastically attest to the quality of product and service that Auto Beauty Products Company provides.